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Glossary entries for A:
  • Account

    After registering with www.betoto.com you may access your account with your login data (user ID and password). In your account you may place bets, make deposits and request withdrawals, change your details, password and website settings, as well as refer your friends.
  • Action

    Another term for "betting".
  • Addiction

    Addiction is generally a certain pattern of behaviour marked by a irresistible, growing desire to achieve a specific feeling or state. The aim of addictive behaviour is either to produce pleasure and/or prevent displeasure (restlessness, sadness, anger, etc). Addiction is caused by a number of colluding factors: individual, society and the addictive drug.
    Generally, anyone can become addicted. As addiction is not limited to specific substances, every form of human behaviour may evolve into an addiction (e.g. alcoholism, anorexia, workaholism, gaming addiction, shopping addiction).
  • American betting methods

    While in European betting a bet on draw is often related to high odds, in American betting a draw is regarded as "no action" - i.e. as if the game had not taken place. For this reason a draw is rated at odds of 1.0 and your stake is returned and credited to your betting account. Please note: In American sports the visiting team is usually always named first.
  • American odds

    In the U.S. they view a bet from the US$ 100 perspective - either you have to place US$ 100 on your favourite team or you have to place a certain stake to win US$ 100. With American betting interpretations, only the net winnings are quoted. To calculate the total payout, you must add your initial stake.
  • Ante

    A small sum of money placed in the pot by each player.
  • Ante Post Bets

    Ante post bets are those placed at our quoted prices on named selections taking part in an event before it has started, like Long term bets (e.g. bets placed one week before the event happens). Should your ante post selection fail to participate in the event, then the bet will be considered lost.

    Long Term Bet